Learn Conversational Spanish Quickly and Effectively at Home

Live online Spanish classes for beginners through to advanced students


Looking for a structured way to learn conversational Spanish?

As you face the challenge of learning Spanish, you have to figure out what to study and in what order. Learning a second language is a huge task, and without knowing what to focus your studies on, you risk spending time and effort only to be disheartened when your Spanish skills fall short of where you expect them to be.  

Finding the right education, and the right support can make all the difference at start of a language learning journey. At Real Fast Spanish, we've helped hundreds of Spanish students structure their studies to achieve their Spanish goals.  

If you're a passionate Spanish student looking to converse in this beautiful language with ease, our classes will help you stay accountable with your studies, improve your listening skills, and ensure you are actually speaking and properly using your Spanish.

Online Classes:

Our classes are all based online which means you can learn in the comfort of your own home.  

Small groups are enrolled in each class to make sure that every student gets the practice they need to improve.  


Learn how to understand spoken Spanish and how to be understood

Spanish theory

Step through useful Spanish vocabulary and grammar in a classroom environment. The interactive format will enable you to ask questions and get feedback in real time.  

Speaking practice

Train your spoken Spanish with the teacher and other students. These activities are crucial for making sure you use and reinforce everything that you learn.  

Listening comprehension

Learn how to improve your listening skills with activities focused specifically on training your Spanish ear to ensure that you understand spoken native Spanish. 


Work closely with a community of Spanish students to stay focused, motivated, and continue to improve your Spanish. 

What our students are saying...

Tobi Connecticut, USA

"Before joining Real Fast Spanish, there were lots of grammatical concepts that were very fuzzy, I needed to review, or that I just plain didn't know.  

I was also worried about not being able to keep up with the class. I'm intimidated by any kind of formal learning environment because it can take me quite a while to process new information.  

In the end, it was an excellent experience--I learned a ton!  

Every single week after class, the very next time I read something in Spanish, had a conversation with a language exchange friend, or heard someone speaking on TV, I recognized something that I understood that I hadn't understood before. Not a week went by where I wasn't able to apply something new from the previous week.  

I would recommend the classes to anyone who wants to improve and streamline their efforts to learn Spanish."

Jessica Kentucky, USA

"My experience with the classes was great!  

Before the course, I didn’t know how to use the vocabulary that I knew and I didn’t know why sentence structure was the way it was.  

Now, when I say I can read Spanish....I CAN READ ALL OF IT. The class gave me a lot of those moments where you say "AAHHA" and "WOW that’s what that means". I would've given up on learning more Spanish if it wasn't for this class!!  

As a result of the classes, my confidence has gone up in regards to knowing what to say and how to say it.  

The thing I liked most about the course was the amount of information per class was great. I also liked how it was so hands on.  

I recommend this course to folks that have some sense of Spanish and really want to communicate!"

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